Cutts Close Park

Oakham Bandstand
Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Bandstand

Cutts Close is Oakham’s main park area, a heritage site that was once the gardens and fishponds of Oakham Castle.

Central to the park is the Bandstand, renovated and renamed as “Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Bandstand” for the Queen’s Jubilee in 2012 and surrounded by the flowerbeds managed by Oakham In Bloom volunteers.

Also within the park is a large children’s play area and a popular skatepark.

Local events, especially in the summer, attract residents and visitors to the area to enjoy music, fairs and picnics.

The Oakham Skatepark project was completed in October 2007 with a number of modifications and improvements since.  It has quarter pipes, a flat bank, rails, ledges and a spine and is made from good quality timber and skatelite.

During peak times in the summer the skatepark attracts skaters, BMXers and scooter riders of all ages and abilities.

Oakham Skatepark in the grounds of Cutt's Close

Oakham Skatepark

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