4 Replies to “Oakham in Bloom on BBC2 Britain in Bloom 6:30 Friday 27th April 2018”

  1. As a newcomer, having moved to Oakham recently, I was interested to see the BBC2 programme on “Oakham in Bloom”.
    Do you plan to enter this competition this year, 2018?
    If you need any volunteer for such a scheme, perhaps you could let me know in what capacity please?

    1. Dear Josephine,
      We are always looking for volunteers to help us. We have a number of roles from actually joinng us on work parties, to help organise social events, work with schools etc.
      You would be more than wlecome to join us. I will add you to our mailing list if thats ok. Please contact me craighowat@talktalk.net

      Best wishes

  2. Door bell rang at the end of the programme!!! Did Oakham win gold? Cannot obviously find this info on any of the other related site.

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